Elevated Client Experience Class: color, toning, extensions and haircut by 901 artist Jill Buck

Jill Buck has been a part of the Nine Zero One Team since 2013. In addition to working behind the chair, she overseas the Beauty Coach subscription channel as well as connecting our clients with support from the BeYoutiful Foundation.

In this custom class Jill is excited to share her elevated client experience with you and how after 22 years of doing hair- she has been able to maximize her time behind the chair with her “bread & butter” approach….It’s no longer a base touch up friends ;)

Here’s what Jill will go over in this class:

  • Partial Highlight Demo on a live model
  • Toning step by step along with formulation how to’s
  • 1 Custom row of bonded keratin extensions
  • Cutting and final style

Sunday October 13th 

Nine Zero One Salon
901 Westbourne Dr
West Hollywood, CA 90969

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